Diabetes Burnout

Diabetes Burnout can affect those with Type 1 Diabetes due to the high demand of constant attention the disease requires. This will often occur in those who grow tired of taking care of their diabetes and as a result neglect to take any care of it for a short, or even long period of time. Diabetes Burnout can often be mistaken for Depression, however the two are very different. Diabetes Burnout often occurs in those who are unwilling to change their ways and are tired of the constant diabetes care. Symptoms may present themselves in different ways, but can include:

  • Strong negative feelings (e.g., overwhelmed, anger, frustration) about diabetes

  • Feeling controlled by diabetes

  • Isolation, or feeling alone with diabetes

  • Avoidance of some, or all diabetes management activities

  • Being unmotivated to change this behavior

Diabetes Burnout when left untreated for long periods of time may lead to diabetes complications. However, there are ways to help prevent Diabetes Burnout and that is by changing your mindset. To have the mentality of not needing to be perfect in your diabetes care can go a long ways. Your blood sugars do not need to be perfect at all times, that puts a lot of pressure on you and also takes lots of time from you in unnecessary ways. Oftentimes those with the goal of constant perfection may easily become frustrated and stressed out when their blood sugars are not perfect, this thought cycle can lead to Diabetes Burnout even faster. Instead of thinking that your diabetes management must be perfect at all times, try instead to adopt the mentality of being okay with the imperfections of diabetes. Managing your expectations is important when it comes to diabetes, in addition to not aiming for perfection, also allow yourself to take time in improving your diabetes care if necessary. Small steps can help you to rebuild your confidence as you are better able to accomplish the little things rather than everything all at once. Additionally, having a support system is important. Diabetes does not have to be something you keep a secret, and it does not have to be something you do alone.