Emotional Support


Managing Type 1 Diabetes is not just about the tasks - checking your blood sugar, counting carbs, giving insulin, eating sugar, etc. That is just half the battle; Type 1 Diabetes is also about carrying yourself through these never ending tasks. All the different emotions that diabetes can cause can in turn effect your blood sugars - something that can easily be turned into a vicious cycle. 

At times blood sugars that are out of range can result in the person feeling defeated and angry. And all the talk of diabetes complications can be intimidating, overwhelming, and upsetting. These feelings over any aspect of diabetes care can make it harder to manage diabetes. 

Because diabetes is a self-managed disease, the person with diabetes is responsible for taking care of themselves every day. This level of constant care may also include making quick decisions that may even be life or death decisions while also feeling stressed out and physically uncomfortable. That can be a daunting task to face. 

There are many emotions that can go into and come out of diabetes. And many of these emotions revolve around numbers; blood sugars. One may feel like a failure when their blood sugars are not within range, or guilty when physical activity or food affects a previously good blood sugar, and even trapped because diabetes is a constant disease. You do not get breaks or vacations from diabetes, it is always there to deal with and manage. 

There are always good days and bad days, but even on the good days it is important to have a support network in place. This support network may be a part of your medical team, or can even be a peer who also has Type 1 Diabetes. Being able to connect with others who have diabetes can be very beneficial as you can truly talk to someone who understands and empathizes with what you are going through, it may also encourage and inspire you to keep trying as you know and feel like you are not alone.  

Find a Support Network

Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail

A club that allows children and teens with Type 1 Diabetes to connect with pen pals all over the world!

College Diabetes Network

A network created for young adults in college which contains peer support as well as resources. 

ADA Local and Online Support

Resources provided by the ADA on local and online support and resources for those with diabetes. 

JDRF TypeOneNation

A social network provided by the JDRF for to connect with and support others with Type 1 Diabetes.