Diabetes and

Extracurricular Activities


In the case that your child with Type 1 Diabetes is going to have a sleepover or a play-date without you there, there are some things that can be done to make sure your child is safe with their diabetes. By reaching out to the parent of your child’s friend, you can inform the host that your child has Type 1 Diabetes. From there, based on your comfort and the hosts comfort with their knowledge of diabetes and ability to provide care for your child, you can decide whether a meet up is necessary before the play-date, in which case you can set up a time to show the other parent how insulin administration and blood sugar checks work.

When students with disabilities participate in any type of extracurricular activity with their school, the laws still protect the individual in allowing them to be involved. In the case of a school field trip, whether it is a part day event, or an overnight, the school is still required to provide care for the child. The school is not allowed to mandate that the parents attend field trips in order for the student to participate. A 504 Plan does still cover school trips even when they are off campus. Likewise, the 504 also covers extracurricular activities - athletics, interscholastic activities, and after school after-care programs. In which case it is still the schools responsibility to provide the appropriate care for the student. By putting these other activities such as athletics, field trips, and after-care programs on a 504 Plan, you can ensure that your child will get the proper care he or she needs with their diabetes, and the school will know what is needed of them.

ADA Safe at School
This resource is an informational sheet which contains several pages on the rights students with Type 1 Diabetes have while at school and what the school must do for the child. This includes information and rights pertaining to extracurricular activities which occur outside of school hours.

Safe at School Resource Here