Technology for Type 1 Diabetes

There are two common pieces of technology that those with Type 1 Diabetes may utilize. One is an Insulin Pump, which is an alternative method to multiple daily injections. An Insulin Pump requires one injection every three days and through that site, insulin is then given regularly by the pump. There are three Insulin Pump companies that the patient can choose between. The other piece of technology is the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), there are also three companies for this device. The CGM monitors the individuals blood sugars alerting them when their blood sugars are out of range. Each of the companies for the Insulin Pumps as well as for the Continuous Glucose Monitors have their own websites that contain information on their own devices. For each piece of technology there is also a comparison chart of the companies devices (it is not made by any of the companies).

Insulin Pump



Insulin administration through a single site; an alternative to multiple daily injections.

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)


Monitor to help know your blood sugars at all times and get alerts when needed. 

Separate from each device company, there are also companies which make adhesive accessories for the Insulin Pump and CGM technology as well as for the adhesive components of these sites. Pump Peelz makes adhesive stickers to decorate your pump with fun designs as well as adhesive patches to give extra support to the medical sites. ExpressionMed exclusively offers adhesive patches for Insulin Pump and CGM sites. These stickers can be a fun way of decorating technology and getting excited over something that may not always be the most glamorous part of your day.